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Skateboarding for beginners: 5 steps to success!

Would you like to a board game skateboard, but are you still a beginner?

Then read this blog post that write about name a sport that uses a board and also famous. Yes you are right it is skateboarding.

Would you like to know what to look out for before you start skateboarding?

We put 5 steps in a row so that you have good preparation for a flying start.

Buy a skateboard that suits you

Choosing your first skateboard can be quite a quest, especially if you are not yet known in the skating world.

Depending on your goal with skateboarding, you will choose a board that suits with this sport.

Do you want to cruise and cover long distances? Then longboards are a better choice. Would you like to perform cool tricks and stunts? Then you choose a skateboard.

What does a skateboard consist of?

A skateboard consists of various parts, such as a deck, wheels, trucks, and bearings.

The deck is what you end up standing on. The wheels ensure that you can move forward (or backward).

There is no ideal wheel for a skateboard. Remember that the bigger the wheel, the harder the tricks will be.

Trucks are the name for the connection between the wheels and the deck. Trucks affect the steering characteristics and weight of the skateboard.

Buy a complete skateboard or put it together yourself board sport?

For beginner, you should choose a complete skateboard that assembled by the manufacturer.

Gradually you will develop your taste and desire. That is why you can also buy all parts of a skateboard sport separately and build this board sport.

This is how you put together your perfect skateboard! This is what experienced skaters generally do often.

Don’t forget to wear good protection before playing sports board game

Especially in the beginning, you will have a lot of trial and error. It is therefore essential that you wear good protection. Safety comes first! Protection of your wrists, knees, and elbows is important, but wearing a helmet is necessary, especially when you start skateboarding for the first time.

Can’t figure it out? No problem! You can read more about sports guides and advice from extreme sports category. Stuart Bloom will provide you with personal advice.

Choose a good terrain to start

All your gear has been collected, you are wearing the right protection, and you want to start skateboarding in good spirits.

You prefer to go directly into a half-pipe or onto a ramp. It all looks very cool, but we advise you to practice on a paved road first.

Cracks, bumps, and other road imperfections can unnecessarily throw you off balance and make it more difficult to learn how to skateboard. Therefore choose an even surface, such as a parking lot.

Learn the basics of skateboarding

The basis of skateboarding starts with step-by-step practice. We put down some basic principles below so you can quickly master skateboarding.

Stand on the skateboard.

Try to stay standing on the skateboard. Determine which foot you prefer to be at the front of the skateboard. If you stand with your left foot in front of the right foot, we call that a normal foot. A goofy foot is when the right foot is in front of the left foot.

Take off slowly

You push off with the foot at the skateboard’s back. Start slowly with a gentle push-off.

Please don’t take too many short steps; this makes it more difficult to balance.

Try to make longer pushes so that you learn how to balance well.

Try sending

The moment you have taken off, you will return to the position when you are standing on the skateboard.

To make turns, bend your knees slightly and use your body to move left and right. You expand this step by step until you can make turns.

Brake in time!

Also, try to practice braking. Falling is also a way to brake, but you want to stay upright. When you have pushed off, you can try to break by placing one foot on the ground.

Practice, practice, and more practice.

The power of repetition and perseverance are the ingredients to learning how to enjoy this board sport. Don’t be discouraged if you fall every time.

It can also help to practice with other skaters or watch skateboarding videos online. You can immediately apply the tips you get there in practice.

Don’t challenge yourself too much.

Now the real work can begin. You are all set to start skateboarding. Listen carefully to yourself, and don’t go too fast.

Try to master the basics before trying new tricks or terrain.

Do you have questions, or would you like advice about skateboards and protective equipment? Do not hesitate and contact us.


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