Whenever you have a large group to have fun with, you are always faced with the question of what you should play. Of course, among the most commonly discussed options, you have airsoft and paintballing. It can be quite a challenge to decide which one you want to go for since you will find fans of both in the group. While you can always go with the majority, here are a few things that should help you decide better.

The Strength of the Hit

Some people are not comfortable with getting hit with force even if it’s pretty small. It can be said with surety that none of the games will hurt you much. However, if you are really interested in knowing what hurts more paintball or airsoft, then you should know that paintballs can hurt more because of their size and weight.

However, the pain is only so much that you would describe it as discomfort, rather than calling it pain. If you are wearing protective gear, you should be okay.

The Games Versions

Another thing you can consider is the types of games available to you in each. There is really no competition here. Both games involve many versions and each version is exciting. It’s all about preference. Some of the most popular games in both categories include Zombie, President, Medic, Special Forces, Attack and Defend, Capture the Flag, and Elimination.

The Weapons

It could be a huge deciding factor for some. You should know that the weapons used in airsoft look much more like real weapons, but they are also more difficult to use. The ones used in paintballing are pretty straightforward to use and might look like toys, which they are.

Whatever game you decide to play, make sure you have a lot of fun. The most important part is to stay safe while playing.