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Dispelling myths about the World Cup

Each World Cup is really a great celebration of football. But the majority of fans perceive him somewhat incorrectly, or rather, they mythify him. Therefore, let’s consider how everything actually happens.

Search and selection of beginners from national teams of different countries

In order for a team to reach the Championship, it must play a lot of matches and be stronger than its rivals. Therefore, it will not work to hide a talented football player here. They will still be interested. Moreover, it is already being bid onĀ

In addition, it is much more profitable for headhunters to sign an agreement on moving to a club even before the start of a tournament of this level. Suddenly, the country will become Champions, which will increase the cost of players.

But for a mid-level FC, this is a good place to recruit athletes. They follow the tournament, draw conclusions whether to take it or not. And for people who are part of the teams of poor countries, this is a great way to get settled in life. After all, even if this is not the TOP, but they pay decently there.

Price growth

Well, it’s understandable for champions. The rest are offered contracts, taking into account the level of clubs’ interest in them. As for the growth in value, it really increases, which is noticeable on the poor players. If for a football player they already give 50-70 million, then it is simply ridiculous to expect an instant increase in cost at times.

The World Cup introduces fashion trends for coaches and football players

All this can be seen on TV or on the Internet. Many schemes at world championships are simply run in, but by each team individually. Of course, there are coaching finds, but they are applicable to a specific team, and the club may not be suitable at all.

Of course, everyone will learn something new here, but its effectiveness is determined by years.

Besides, any tournament of this level is, first of all, a well-organized show. People want spectacle and they get it. Do people want to know the favorites so they can place their bets? Please bookmakers publish lists of the best. Many willing to take risks with outsiders? Here is their list.

Discovery of new stars

Yes, this is happening, but only for fans from different countries. Perhaps for the first time they see a local star of another state, but at home they know it. So its opening is only for ordinary citizens of other states.

But who definitely becomes a discovery is the prefabricated ones. Given the small number of friendly matches, the teams only meet in World Cup qualifiers. That’s where they run into surprises, believing third-party sports forecasts.

The worst thing is when it happens in a group stage or even in the playoffs. Against the background of the division into favorites and underdogs, many coaches forget that there are simply no weak teams at the World Cup.