Your children are on a summer break from school and want some fun and enjoyment to kill the boredom. While many ways help them spend a healthy and fun time, some outdoor activities like paintball in Crawley can be a unique experience for your young children.

Paintball games are great for your children to eliminate boredom with additional energy with dirt, fresh air, and exhilarating actions. Therefore, paintballing makes the best day out for children of all ages. Here we shall learn why paintball is an excellent outdoor activity for children.


Some paintball games take a group of children who shoot at each other. It may make you worry if the activity is safe. But do not worry! Paintballing is a risk-free game with the lowest injury rates.

The management provides you with all the necessary information, including the risk assessment details. A qualified Marshall looks after your children from start to finish. They offer the right paintball gun for your little ones to use and educate them on how to get ready for the battle.


Children use different paintball guns. For example, the 0.5c paintball gun has a low-impact version and employs smaller paintballs like 0.5 to fire at a lower velocity. This equipment caters to the loading and firing the markers requirements of children aged eight or over. The low impact of the paintball gun allows your child to enjoy hours of safe outdoor fun.

Children Parties 

After the game ends, your little ones can go to the base camp area and enjoy the party food with their friends. Paintball parties enable your children to stay active and have fun simultaneously. They can call their older siblings and parents to join them.

Children’s paintball parties allow them to have a great time with their best pals, improve teambuilding skills and spend some healthy time outside in the fresh air.