The 2022 World Cup is coming, so it’s no surprise that everyone is betting on who will win or advance to the final. The favorites have been determined, the division is considered to be well-known, which will come out of the groups second. And the remaining teams are actually “written off”. We are not talking about outsiders, just about teams in which there is little faith.

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Who disappointed bookmakers and sports analysts so much?


It seems that they know how to play well, which proves getting into the semi-finals of the Euro. However, they have not been seen at the World Championships for over 60 years, since 1958. Perhaps that is why they do not particularly count on their success.


Football players from this country receive transfers with an infinite number of zeros, and for some reason the national team is unpopular. Although it should be of interest, because at the last World Cup she “shone” – she dropped out due to more “yellow cards” with equal points. The Senegalese are still angry and plan to win back, especially if Mane is on the field.


This is the first surprise of the tournament. Representatives of the country were able to push Colombia and Chile in the qualification, which were considered clear contenders for a trip to Qatar. Therefore, there is little information about the Ecuadorians, but in qualifying they showed themselves equal to Argentina and Brazil.


“Offender” of Senegal in the last World Cup, which already says a lot. Moreover, they had every chance to get into one-eighth, but mediocrely “merged”, perhaps due to inexperience. But now the work on the bugs has been carried out, a bet has been made on a team game without pronounced stars.


Another adept of general interaction. Although it is not among the favorites of the tournament, the national team is of interest to both bookmakers and bettors. She is able to lose to the weakest and win against the strongest team. This is such nonsense, but in betting companies this causes a noticeable stir among gamblers.


Another find from the World Cup in Qatar. She managed to become the best in North America in qualifying. Also refers to supporters of the team game, but still Davis “with a jet engine” stands out in it. This was appreciated by Bayern, and now the Canadian team is enjoying his game.


The Moroccans were frankly unlucky with the group. It turned out to be 4 teams approximately equal in strength, that is, without a clear favorite and an outsider. So the World Cup for Morocco will be difficult.